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Date: Wed Sep 25 1996 - 09:50:33 EDT

> From: Randall McRoberts <>, on 9/24/96 10:38 AM:

> >Can anybody explain to me where the "was actually" comes from? Does anybody
> have
> >access to Zerwick's Greek Grammar to refer to section 350?
> >
> >Also, does anyone know if Greek Grammar is still in print? It isn't listed
> >Books in Print. Does anybody know where I can get a copy?
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >Jonathan

        Zurwick is talking about the moods in consecutive clauses, "which have
two constructions: with the indicative if the speaker wishes to indicate the
actual realization of the consequence; with the infinitive otherwise (i.e., so
long as the speaker has no special need to indicate the actual event). An
example in John 3:16, and Gal 2:13 as the only two occurences in the NT where
WSTE introduces a subordinate clause with the indicative (not counting where a
main clause is introduced meaning therefore or so).

Mike Phillips

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