Re: stop, cease, desist, cut it out, break it off, cork it

Date: Sat Sep 28 1996 - 15:05:40 EDT

I'm only halfway through my e-mail (so have not seen all the other answers
yet), but this one's too much fun to pass up. My two cents' is STHTE (2 aor.
imper/subj of hISTHMI), because hISTHMI has the meaning of ceasing motion
in the intransitive forms, and my guess is that using the plural would be
more polite than singular (otherwise STHQI). Other words lie PAUE etc. are
probably too vague or inappropriate to the context. In class we've toyed
with ELAUNW because it is tempting (as a joke) to make it refer to driving
a car, but that's really a very different concept.

Don Wilkins
UC Riverside
P.S. typo above: "lie" should be "like"

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