Re: Rev 6.6 and edict of Domitian

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Date: Tue Oct 01 1996 - 17:20:48 EDT

I just want to point to a serious critique which in my humble opinion
seems to be rather to the point. Look at Leonard L. Thompson:
_The Book of Revelation. Apocalypse and Empire_. OUP: 1990, pp.
202-204. Hemer's book is valuable, but his parallelomania and
disregard of the OT influence have weakened his thesis rather too
much. One of the problems is that it is almost impossible to know
whether his evidence would fit a, e.g., Neronian date, because he
doesn't even consider this possibility which were almost a consensus
view in the last century. Much of his evidence seems to support a
Neronian date as well as a Vespasianian (wordform ?) date.

> From: Greg Carey - Religion <>
> Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 14:13:26 -0500 (CDT)
> Subject: Re: Rev 6.6 and edict of Domitian
> Otto did ask about Hemer, who does associate Rev 6.6 with Domitian's
> decree. (Hemer had little literary or rhetorical sophistication,
> but he was a tireless researcher.)

Yes, he produced very much information, but too little knowledge,
unfortunately, because his methodology was a little too poor.

[something deleted -- I think some of it was Sankrit or perhaps Latin
;-) ]

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