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Date: Wed Oct 02 1996 - 10:22:54 EDT

David L. Moore wrote:
> Kevin W. Woodruff wrote:
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> > Yes the word KAMHLOS (camel) and KAMILOS (rope or cable). But this is not
> > the solution for Matthew 19:24
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> > At 06:49 AM 10/1/96 -0700, you wrote:
> > > I'm new to the list so forgive me if this has
> > > been asked before ... Is there a Greek word
> > > for "camel" that if it is changed by one letter
> > > becomes a word for "cable" or "rope"?
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> > > Ed Van Etten
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> Luke's word for needle, in the parallel of this passage in
> Matthew, is BELONH which is different than the word the latter uses.
> Moulton and Milligan cite Hobart to the effect that BELONH refers
> specifically to the needle used in surgical operations (W. K. Hobart,
> _The Medical Language of Saint Luke_, [London, 1882], p. 61, as cited in
> M&M, s.v. BELONH). Nevertheless, I could find no medical references to
> BELONH in L&S or BAGD.
> Luke's use, however, of a different word meaning "needle" does
> indicate that attestation for this interpretatation is very ancient; and
> Bl-DeB is probably correct in considering the v. l. in Matthew of KAMILOS
> for KAMHLOS a "later artificial rationalization" (Bl-DeB, #24).

        I apologize to all for having added to this thread something that
wasn't really to the point of the question Kevin Woodruff had asked. I
incorporated some notes I had previously made on this passage that didn't
correctly address his question.

        To make ammends, I want to mention that the Babylonian Talmud has a
similar expression to the hyperbole used in Mat. 19:24. Only it employs the
figure of an elephant passing through the eye of a needle - the largest animals
in Babylon being elephants and in Israel, camels (BT Berakoth 55b, as cited in
EBC, vol. 8, D. A. Carson, _Matthew_, p. 425; and GNC, Robert H. Mounce,
_Matthew_, p. 187).

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