From: Sam Johnson (
Date: Mon Oct 07 1996 - 01:10:43 EDT

The problem with memorization that people have when memorizing the Greek
is a phonetic problem I believe. Because we use the Erasmusan
pronunciation we really only use our eyes and not our ears and mouth. Can
you imagine learning any language without a good amount of time
emphasizing phonics. (One only has to look at the public shool system in
America and their emphasis in whole language.) I have switched to Modern
Greek pronounciation and I can hear the words of a living language. It
doesn't make the hard work of syntax any easier but I do memorize verses
in the Greek much more frequently. The eyes, ears, and mouth must be
involved when memorizing or else you don't get the natural flow of the
language. Obviously many have learned Greek without learning the phonics
of Modern Greek but remember the problem is STUDENTS having problems
memorizing. I hope their are those out their who have influence who will
seriously consider making the switch at the college and seminary level.

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