RE: Symbol for Christ?

From: Albert Collver, III (
Date: Mon Oct 07 1996 - 12:02:25 EDT

What you are seeing is the first two letters of Christ's name in Greek.
XRISTOS (CHRISTOS). The CHI (X) and the RHO (P) are superimposed on top of
each other. I don't know the origin but I think it has to do with some early
manuscripts where XRISTOS was abbreviated and then the case (nomative,
genative,etc) would be written after the CHI-RHO. Perhaps, someone more
knowledgeable could comment.

Al Collver

From: Vanetten.Edward
Sent: Monday, October 07, 1996 9:39 AM
Subject: Symbol for Christ?

     I've seen a symbol on some churches and elsewhere
     what looks like X P superimposed with rho
     larger than chi. I assume that it is a symbol
     for Christ. Anyone know the origin of that
     symbol and if it has a name?
     Edward Van Etten
     Ontario, California

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