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Date: Mon Oct 14 1996 - 17:40:19 EDT

At 10:58 10/14/96 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>Upon pondering it and looking more closely at the passages I thought really
>sloppy, I decided to suspend judgment until I could test it more
>adequately. I am inclined to think, however, that the sections where I find
>the worst Greek are very likely unaltered pieces of Mark's inherited
>tradition rather than his own composition. This would be hard to prove to
>everyone's satisfaction, but it's my new working hypothesis, for what it's

What's your opinion of the Greek in Mk8:22-26 (Healing a Bethsaida
Blind Man)? I'm wondering whether this passage should be considered
redactional in order to frame the tripartite section of passion
prediction, disciples' error, and teaching on discipleship (8:27-10:45),
followed by the healing of the blind Bartimaeus (vv46-52).

>Yes, it DOES look very much like we're going to have the Cardinals in a
>World Series with the Yankees. I wouldn't put it beyond the Braves to stage
>a 3-game comeback, but at least it seems improbable now.

Well, in my area (Washington D.C.) the O's never got their comeback.

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