Free Greek stuff

From: Gary S. Shogren (
Date: Fri Oct 18 1996 - 21:44:04 EDT

Hi gang --

This is a periodic reminder that our family business, Stylus Publishing,
offers free samples of its wares to teachers of Greek/Hebrew language or

We have:

Chapman's NT Greek Insert, revised version (65 pages, designed to fit into
the back of the UBS text, with p-parts, syntax, verb charts, etc.)

Greek card - a laminated Greek card (verb charts, noun charts, irregular
adjectives, etc).

We also have a new Hebrew card with all sorts of verb info, and will have a
Hebrew booklet in November '96 (d. v.).

We'll mail them at our expense, no strings attached - we just ask that if
you like the samples, you consider them for your students or plug them at
your campus bookstore. If you do Hebrew, or your colleagues would like
Greek or Hebrew materials as samples, they can email us too.

I'd also be interested if there's any interest out there in Theological
Latin/German/French laminated cards.


Gary S. Shogren
Biblical Theological Seminary
Hatfield, PA

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