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From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Mon Oct 21 1996 - 10:20:37 EDT

At 3:31 AM 10/21/96, Dr. Ed Bez wrote:
>Our school needs to begin the selection process for a 1st Year Intro to
>Greek text. Our students will in all liklihood have had no exposure to
>Greek. The requirements for the text: Available, affordable, with
>workbook(if such exists), moderately paced, with some NT readings

Dr Bez

I would certainly suggest that you consider William Mounce's series _Basics
of Biblical Greek_ (Zondervan).

It seems to meet all the criteria you have listed. In addition, the book
has a "semi-inductive" approach that --speaking from personal experience--
make the book both very useful and a pleasure to read.

(In addition to the text and a workbook, there is a "Graded Reader" as well
as an "Analytical Lexicon" that ties in closely with the books. A number
of associated software programs are also available.)

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