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Date: Tue Oct 22 1996 - 01:04:54 EDT

At 10:20 AM 10/21/96 -0400, you wrote:
>At 3:31 AM 10/21/96, Dr. Ed Bez wrote:
>>Our school needs to begin the selection process for a 1st Year Intro to
>>Greek text. Our students will in all liklihood have had no exposure to
>>Greek. The requirements for the text: Available, affordable, with
>>workbook(if such exists), moderately paced, with some NT readings
>Dr Bez
>I would certainly suggest that you consider William Mounce's series _Basics
>of Biblical Greek_ (Zondervan).
>It seems to meet all the criteria you have listed. In addition, the book
>has a "semi-inductive" approach that --speaking from personal experience--
>make the book both very useful and a pleasure to read.
>(In addition to the text and a workbook, there is a "Graded Reader" as well
>as an "Analytical Lexicon" that ties in closely with the books. A number
>of associated software programs are also available.)

I second this suggestion. I learned Greek both from Kubo (which is also
good but doesn't introduce you to the biblical text very well and makes it
hard for the transition from beginners greek to NT greek) and then switched
over to Mounce. I think Mounce is probably the best Introductory Greek out
there at the moment. He immerses the beginning Greek student into the NT
(which should be done from the start from my opinion) and provides
exegetical comments which prepare a Beginning student of Greek to start
thinking exegetically right from the start. He has probably the best
appendixes around as well -- very well organized!


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