Reviews of Greek textbooks and Bible software

From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Tue Oct 22 1996 - 11:51:45 EDT

Having seen several posts regarding Robert Mounce's Greek books, I
thought it might be appropriate for me to repost an offer of some
months ago, in which I made available a review of Mounce's BASICS OF
GREEK, and THE MORPHOLOGY OF BIBLICAL GREEK. This review is scheduled
to run in the Fall issue of BIBLICAL VIEWPOINT, the semi-annual
journal of Bob Jones University's school of religion.

I have already sent a copy of this review to Ed and Rob, who seemed
especially interested. Anyone else who may have missed the first
offer and would like the review can simply email me directly (i.e.,
off the list). Please include the name "Mounce" in the subject of
your message, so the reply can be generated automatically. The file
is in ASCII and is about 15K in size.

I also have a review comparing Logos and BibleWorks for Windows, two
of the major Bible-study software packages for Windows. I would be
happy to send this review to anyone who would like it. It is also in
ASCII, about 40K. Please include the word "review" in the subject
field of your request message. (For you programmers out there who
notice details like this, this reply is set up to execute only when
the incoming message has "review" and not "Mounce"--hopefully!)

It will be easiest for me if anyone who wants both reviews would send
separate requests. Thanks.

In Love to God and Neighbor,
Randy Leedy
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC

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