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Date: Fri Oct 04 1996 - 21:47:13 EDT


Here is one idea that worked for me. Have them memorize long portions of
scripture in the Greek. During my first elective Greek course, Pastoral
Epistles, I memorized Titus (not for class credit, but solely on my own).
Anyhow, it really helped put things together for me grammatically,
syntactically, as well as vocabulary wise. I chose that book because we
were studying it, actually writing our own commentaries on it. A lot of
hapax legomena, of course, so I'd probably do something else if starting

Paul S. Dixon, Pastor "Negative Inference Fallacies of
Ladd Hill Bible Church Acts 2:38, Mt 19:9, and 1 Cor 11:5"
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On Fri, 4 Oct 1996, chris stanley wrote:

> I'm a rather new member of this list, having only found out about it a few
> weeks ago, so please excuse my ignorance if my question has been dealt with\
> in the recent past. I am currently teaching a first-year New Testament Greek
> class, and some of my students are having serious trouble memorizing their
> vocabulary. I've experienced this problem before in other classes that I've
> taught, but the difficulty seems to be greater this time. (I'm using Bill
> Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek for the first time, and perhaps the words
> are harder.) I'm wondering if anyone on the list has any creative ideas
> that I could pass on to my students. At present they are following the
> standard flash card route, which works well for some people but not for
> others. Even my tips about how to use the flash cards aren't helpful for
> some of them. Any bright ideas?
> Chris Stanley
> Dept. of Religious Studies
> McKendree College
> Lebanon, IL 62254

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