Re: Greek fonts for use with Word 6.0

From: David Moore (
Date: Tue Oct 22 1996 - 14:21:26 EDT

You wrote:
>Does anyone know what the software program is called that gives me
greek and
>hebrew fonts for use with word 6.0? (Not the internet fonts. They
>all the vowels and accents very inaccurately which can be frustrating
at times.)

    My suggestion is WinGreek. It has a program that comes with it to
automatically position accents and other diacritics. It also has
Hebrew right-to left capabilities. And it comes with a utility that
can convert CCAT and Michigan-Claremont transcription of Greek and
Hebrew respectively to the WinGreek fonts of these languages.
Shareware: cost about $35.00 last time I checked. You should be able
to find it on the web with any good search engine.

David L. Moore

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