verbal aspect

From: David J. Rising (
Date: Thu Oct 24 1996 - 08:26:12 EDT

Simo Chuhon writes:
>Just wondering if anyone has made a good read through Stan Porter's _Idioms
>of the Greek New Testament_. I am still adjusting to this notion of "verbal
>aspect" and am still trying to come to some conclusions as to how well this
>"interpretive-grid" fits the text.

>What are your thoughts on the aorist tense as the "default" tense? I agree
>that perhaps the aorist HAS been "abused" in the past as the article, "The
>Abused Aorist" has argued...but does making it the default tense fix the


For starters, check out the b-greek archives on this topic at:

Begin browsing on 16 October 1995, and I think you'll find some good
interaction on this book.


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