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Date: Thu Oct 24 1996 - 15:19:13 EDT

I am trying to assemble a definitive list of all instances of PEIRAZW,
EKPEIRAZW, and PEIRASMOS in Greek from Homer until the beginning of the
3rd cent. C.E. for a monograph on the semantic range of these terms as
the background to a study of their use in the Gospel tradition with
respect to Jesus. But I don't have access to the C and D disks of the
TLG, and consequently manny possible instances of these terms are
presently escaping my count. I'd be grateful if anyone on the list could
supply me with the names of authors and instances of use (if there are
any) contained on these disks.

More importantly, there are numerous instances in the information I do
have where the forms of PEIRAW seem to overlap with those of PEIRAZW. I
would be most interested in insights on how one might identify which verb
is being used when the forms are the same.

my e mail is

P.S. Although this might be more suitable on the classics list, does
anyone have the text and translation of PSI 927, 25 (published in Papiri
greci e latini by Pubblicazioni della Italiana per la ricerca dei papiri
greci e latini in Egitto.


Jeffrey Gibson

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