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Date: Fri Oct 25 1996 - 15:37:05 EDT

>As a beginning greek student I am coming to the experts for information. Why
>have the translators not translated the word "BAPTIZW," but transliterated it.
>I am under the impression that it means "to immerse." Is this not correct?
>If it is correct than why do most translations say "baptize" instead? Any help
>you can give would be greatly appreciated. It would seem that it would be of
>tremendous benefit in our interpretation to translate rather than

If someone kept the string that we did a few weeks back on this, they
should send it to Mark. I did not have time to say anything then, but my
reading of the evidence presented and also several histories of baptism has
convinced me that baptism quickly became a technical term in the church and
began in the second century to cover different modes (with varying amounts
of water) of baptism. That being the case a technical translation seems to
me to be in order, especially since the baptisms among the Christians in
the apostolic age are all in missionary situations.

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