Re: Romans 7:14-25

From: Ellen Adams (
Date: Sat Oct 26 1996 - 23:09:23 EDT

Connell Mark Steven wrote:
>I know that we are getting away from the greek on this passage and
more into an
>interpretation, but could it be that Paul is describing life for those
>of Christ?....

Indeed we are getting away from the Greek. This passage applies to
those who are fighting an inner battle between law and sin. The
difficulty arises not so much in translating the passage, but in
determining which category of person according to our theology is
described: unsaved, "carnal Christian", backslider...

What is unfortunate (and this was brought up in the original post) was
that a respected, scholarly man would stretch the normal limit of
exegesis, categorizing this passage as an historical present to support
his own presuppositions.

This makes me more appreciative of the b-greek group and its members.
In such a multitude of counselors, there is safety. We can hopefully
help each other avoid similar pitfalls.
Thanks everybody!


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