Romans 7:14-25 -- Historical Present

From: Tommy Wilson (
Date: Fri Oct 25 1996 - 12:10:15 EDT

I am interested in hearing some viewpoints on the present tense
verbs as well as the whole interpretation of Romans 7:14-25. In my
undergraduate work, my professor claimed Paul was describing his
pre-Christian experience in this passage with his major support for
such a view point being that the presents Paul used were historical

I am presently re-taking Greek as a refresher course at DTS with Dr.
Dan Wallace. In Dr. Wallace's recent grammar he points out that this
passage could not contain historical presents for the following

1) Historical presents must occur in the 3rd person.
2) Historical presents occur in only in narrative passages.

He also puts a third qualifiaction that historical presents must
occur in the indicative mood of which has no real bearing with this

If you have Wallace's grammar, I believe his handling of historical
presents starts on p.526 or there about. It is also interesting to
note that Dr. Wallace puts in a footnote that he has actually held to
three different view points of this passage over the years.

Hopefully, I am not beating a dead horse which has already been
killed on this list, but if so I'll kick it one more time.

Unfotunately, I am referencing all the above from my memory which
acts up quite frequently (especially on Wallace's quizes) so please
excuse and correct any erroneous references.

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