Rom 7.14-25--Historical Present/Wallace's response

Date: Mon Oct 28 1996 - 21:50:26 EST

     Hi Carl,
     I've stayed away a while due to work-related issues, but I still read
     the posts thru the digest.
     I wanted to say that I really appreciated the way you handled the
     attack on Carlton as a result of Wallace misunderstanding the remark.
     Frankly, I read much of Wallace's grammar and he misquotes much when
     another view disagrees with his own. It's one thing to understand
     what's being said and to disagree, it's quite another to misunderstand
     and wrongly categorize the one who holds the opposing view.
     I've been one of Jehovah's Witnesses for several decades and I find
     that Wallace totally misses the point when he quotes the NWT (and Paul
     Dixon as well). I think he is a capable individual. I wonder if he
     truly does not read carefully or if he does read carefully but is
     driven by insecurity?
     Oh well, no need to respond to me. Thanks for keeping the forum clean
     and respectable.

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