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Date: Fri Oct 25 1996 - 15:33:05 EDT

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>Does anyone know of any articles about the use of particles to indicate
>emphasis in Greek discourse? I am particularly interested in the use of OUN,
>DIA TOUTO, DIO, OQEN, etc. I would appreciate any slight lead, since the
>best information that I have found comes from Louw and Nida's brief
>statements in the Lexicon, and Stan Porter's Idioms. I am most interested in
>the use of particles as structure markers.

The great reference work on the subject is entitled, appropriately enough,
_The Greek Particles_. The author/compiler was J.D. Denniston and this
invaluable reference work was his magnum opus. It was published by Oxford
and I'm sure it's still in print and ought to be in the library of any
institution where Greek is taught and read. Apart from that there are some
fairly good notes in Smythe's grammar, and also, I think in A.T.
Robertson's big grammar.

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