Re: LXX Concordance How to get it?

Date: Tue Oct 29 1996 - 13:45:34 EST

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996 16:37:04 -0100 (Gabriel
GOLEA) writes:
>Dear Denny Diehl,
>You wrote:
>>I just today picked up "A Concordance To The Septuagint" by Hatch and
>>Redpath, a Baker Book House 1983 edition in 2 vols for, now get this:
>>$16.50. It was at a previously read book store here in town.
>You mean a NEW set?!?

Denny Diehl here,

No, it is USED. However, the set is in excellent shape.

>if it is always available,

No,not always available, but what I will do is, since I go
to the Used Bookstores about once a month or so, if I
come across some good deals, I will post it to the list,
if that is acceptible to the List!


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