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Date: Tue Oct 29 1996 - 21:19:02 EST


On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Edward Hobbs wrote:

> I haven't time for this, but can't resist:
> "Liddell" indeed pronounced his name "LIDD'l". Why can't Americans get it
> right? Probably for the same reason we insist on mispronouncing Kittell
> (KITT'l, not Kit-TELL); when we see a name ending in -ELL, we have this
> urge to accent the last syllable.
> More interesting: Henry Liddell had a daughter, Alice Liddell,
> who utterly fascinated a fellow don at Oxford, a mathematician name of
> Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. When she was 12, and he just over 30, he took
> her boating and made up stories to tell her. He later wrote them down, as
> _Alice's Adventures in Wonderland_. Little Alice was Alice LIDDell. He of
> course turned his middle and first names into Latin, and back to English,
> to create the pen-name Lewis Carroll.
> A VERY Greek matter indeed! Next on the docket will be the
> mispronunciation of the old Oxford master, Benjamin Jowett (most famed for
> his [mis]translations of Plato). (Anyone know the grafitto about his name?)
> Edward Hobbs
> Wellesley
I believe the grafitto runs something like:

     My name is Benjamin Jowett.
     I'm master of Baliol College.
     I know everything that there is to know
     and what I don't know isn't knowledge.

Not NT Greek indeed. But Oxford lore and therefore (tangentally) related.

Jeffrey Gibson

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