Re: The 600 soldiers in John's gospel?

From: Mr. Timothy T. Dickens (
Date: Thu Oct 31 1996 - 16:41:28 EST

At 01:30 PM 10/31/96 -0500, Kevin W. Woodruff wrote:
>Dear Timothy:
>The word that is used (SPEIRA) was used to translate the Latin term _cohort_
>which was the tenth part of a legion in the Roman army, which numbered at
>6000 men. Bauer, Ardnt, Gingrinch and Danker say that the SPEIRA normally
>consisted of 600 men but that the number varied.
Thanks Kevin,

        Now that I have arrived home, I had the chance to look up this verse
in both the GNY and Bauers lexicon. I did not know for sure, since I was
reading Crossan's statement on paper on the bus this morning.

Carl, thank you too very much. Your detailed answer is the type that sends
me back to read the tremendous $100 LJS I invested in this year.

Peace to the both of you!


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