my thesis

From: Mari Broman Olsen (
Date: Fri Nov 01 1996 - 14:57:50 EST

Somi writes
> Is it possible to get a copy of your thesis? (Or at least let me know what
> the title is so I can see if it available at my Theological library)

I am happy to announce (I just received official work today) that my
thesis will be published this June with Garland Press (Outstanding
Dissertations in Linguistics Series). I have no idea how much it will
cost (nor what they charge for current titles in this series, though I
suspect it will be comparable).

If you absolutely need something now, it's available through
University of Michigan ($30+), or I could try to make a copy (I sent
the last away...). I think copying is $12 or so ... Or, I have an
article that basically summarizes the Greek chapter, but without the
lexical aspect (aka 'Aktionsart') discussion.



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