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Stephen Schaefer wrote;
>I am wondering if anyone could look something up for me, please. Even
>though I'm living in the West Indies, I have more of a library than you
>might have guessed. But I have less than a Big Greek would be satisfied with.
>ANEXIKAKOV (translit. correct?), in II Timothy 2:24, is a hapax.
>Can anyone cite a use of this word in a non-b-greek source which
>well-illustrates its probable usage here?
>Translations include:
>KJV: patient
>RSV: forbearing
>NASB: patient when wronged
>NIV: not resentful (!)
The entry in LSJ is as follows.

"ANEXIKAKOS, on, enduring pain or evil, Herod.Med.ap.Orib.5.30.7,
Luc.Jud.Voc.9, Vett. Jud.Voc. =lr, Gal.5.38, Them.Or.15.190a
(Sup.), Aret.SA2.6 (Comp.); forbearing, long-suffering, 2 Ep.Ti.2.24. Adv.
-kôs Luc.Asin.2."

It seems that the essence of the word progresses from endurance to
forbearance, the attitude that causes a person to endure the pain of trying
to help even those who are difficult to help.

In II Tim. 2:24, the line that follows in 25 may further explain what is
meant by the use of this word, "correcting opponents with gentleness."

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