Re: Mt 2:22-23/Herod's Sons: questions for this list?

From: Mr. Timothy T. Dickens (
Date: Sun Nov 03 1996 - 13:56:36 EST

At 06:46 AM 11/3/96 -0600, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

>Tim, I hope you will take the following in the right spirit. I think you
>are going about your search for answers to particular quesions in a
>scatter-cast, "all-points-bulletin" manner that is not unlikely to offend
>some subscribers to several of these lists and to bore others. You are at
>Columbia University in NYC where you have superb research tools: you might
>ask the reference library for help in using them to your own better
>advantage before putting questions like this to people who are genuinely
>willing to help you but who expect you to do your own "homework" beyond the
>research tools within your private library before you come to them.

TTD: Carl, while the header in this email says '' I am
presently in Smyrna, GA. I use my Columbia account because the Columbia
offers all its students who graduate from there or the neighboring
institutions (Union Seminary) the ability to keep their account. Thus, this
is the reason why I still have mine.

        Second, I could do my 'homework' with far greater ease if Emory
University, the only institution in GA with ALL the important references you
and I both know of, was not so far from where I live or so STINGY that it
would allow members from other institutions to borrow books and references.
I NEVER had this problem in NY!

>The questions you pose in the message above, as well as your later one
>about where to find the Gospel of Thomas in the larger corpus of Gnostic
>writings, fall outside the ordinary scope of B-Greek,

TTD: This is true; however, many on B-Greek and B-Hebrew, are on the other
list to which I wrote directly. I guess you could say I am trying to cover
all my bases.

 I don't say that the information you're looking for isn't to
>be found in the heads of many members of this list, but rather that this
>isn't the most appropriate place to direct an inquiry that doesn't more
>directly concern the Greek text.
Carl just delete the message if it doesn't apply to you! I do not see your
email address as '' This list belongs to all of us,
and many of us are on mulitiple lists! Quite honestly, I respect your
scholarly replies to the ancient Greek of almost any text, but I think you
have gone a bit too far as another MEMBER of this list.


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