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Date: Fri Nov 08 1996 - 14:14:00 EST

> From: Jonathan Robie <>
> Is there *any* significant distinction between LOGOS and hRHMA in the GNT?
> Louw & Nida say (33.98) "Any difference of meaning between LOGOS and hRHMA
> would be only a matter of stylistic usage". I assume that this applies only
> to the semantic domain identified by 33.98, and that other uses of LOGOS and
> hRHMA may be distinct. For instance, the following verse uses both, but
> LOGOS clearly means 'accounting', and hRHMA
> Matt 12:36 (GNT) legw de umin oti pan rhma argon o lalhsousin oi anqrwpoi
> apodwsousin peri autou logon en hmera krisews:
> Matt 12:36 (NASU) "But I tell you that every careless word that people
> speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment.
IMO, a LOGOS tends to be more formal than a hRHMA. LOGOS indicates
something thought out, organized, or emphatic, such as a 'statement'
(sometimes in the accounting sense as above) or 'declaration'.
hRHMA seems to refer more casually to an 'utterance,' 'phrase,'
'expression,' or just 'a thing said'. For hRHMA, 'word' is often
a good approximation; for LOGOS, seldom (IMO).


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