Re: Acts 2:22-24

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sun Nov 10 1996 - 21:27:16 EST

At 5:24 PM -0600 11/10/96, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>>You might want to put this question to the Acts-L list at Toronto; its
>>substance has been discussed at some length there in the past couple years.
>>I hope Ken Litwak will reply--this bears heavily on his dissertation work
>>and he has some views that are probably not conventional.
>How much traffic is there on Acts-L? I'm reluctant to get involved with
>another mailing list since this one is using up the time I have available
>for mailing lists...

It's sporadic; it began as an adjunct to Gregory Bloomquist's course on
Acts at UToronto and has started up again with varying degrees of activity
at any given time. There was a new course last spring and there was a a lot
more activity for a while, but it seems to be sporadic again. Mikeal
Parsons keeps up a web site at Baylor where some of the past stuff is
archived, however, and there was some very good give-and-take on that list;
occasionally it erupts anew:

The archives of the list may be viewed (still, I think--Mikeal Parsons, are
you still lurking on b-greek?) at that site:

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