Re. Use of BAGD

Date: Tue Nov 12 1996 - 11:28:27 EST


Can someone help me with what I am sure will be the years most
foolish question!

I stumble through my word studies with a variety of aids by jumping
from the analytical lexicon to either Brown or Kittle, etc. I have
had a copy of BAGD since college. However, I have not been able to
"get much out of it." Somewhere down the line we were never exposed
to its proper use or I was sick, or something worse, I didn't pay
attention. With only a very limited exposure to extrabiblical
Greek, much of the material seems to be lost on me. Is there any way
to get practical and useful info. from it. And how can I determine
the significance of what I am reading, the mass of abbrev.

Paul F. Evans
Thunder Swamp P. H. Church
North Carolina
(Endeavouring to make use of NT Greek in a real live ministry!)

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