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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Nov 13 1996 - 06:22:10 EST

At 1:50 PM -0600 11/13/96, KULIKOVSKY, Andrew wrote:
>Does anyone know of any good books or articles
>that evaluate critical methods?
>I am aware of Edgar Krentz's book - do you know of
>any others Ed?
>I also have Black & Dockery's NT Criticism and
>Interpretation and I Howard Marshall's NT Interpretation.

If you're referring to the book of Edgar's I'm thinking of, it is in a very
nice series of books published by Fortress Press, all about the same size
(paperback, ca 100 pp., handbook size) on several of the significant OT and
NT methodologies, _What is Form Criticism?_, _What is Redaction
Criticism?_, etc. While each of these is favorable to what the method has
achieved, I think each also offers a judicious evaluation of the methods
advantages and disadvantages.

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