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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Nov 14 1996 - 07:20:47 EST

Thanks, Edgar, for a splendid and very informative essay. I would add that
everything you have said, except for the part about bibliography in BAGD
(which LSJ doesn't have) applies equally to use of Liddell-Scott-Jones.
Jonathan has nicely described the function of Louw-Nida; I would say that
L-N is the place to get a sense of the nuanced differences between
different words that either overlap in meaning or point to different senses
within a larger spectrum of particular semantic realms.

At 10:40 AM -0600 11/13/96, Edgar M. Krentz wrote (inter alia):
>. . . by the way, Fred Danker's book is not out in a fourth edition.

>From what Fred told me, I would not look for the fourth edition to be
published before the end of 1977. UChicago Press grinds about like the
mills of God, although perhaps not as "exceeding fine." Ever since the
catastrophic mishap loss of my BAGD I have been wavering over whether to
buy another 3rd edition or wait out the interval until the 4th.

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