Re: Questions about AORIST PASSIVE (STREFW)

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Sun Nov 17 1996 - 00:00:55 EST

Carl Conrad wrote;
>Good point! both uses of STRAFHNAI here should be chalked up as
>intransitive or perhaps middle rather than passive. Moreover, it's very
>likely, I would guess, that the particular usage of STRAFHNAI in the sense
>of "repent" (where one often sees an imperative of METANOEIN) represents
>the prophetic Hebrew use of SHUV. What would the Hebraists say about that?
Another sixth principal part aorist that is almost universally translated
as reflexive is Acts 2:40.


NRSV "Save yourselves from this corrupt generation."

I could understood as a true passive, "Be saved . . ." The implication
would be, "Let God save you from . . ."

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