From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 09:06:32 EST


Your comment about the "mountain of conceit" has nagged me. It's not
the first time you've intimated the idea. People who know me
personally do not think of me as a conceited person. This point is
very important to me, because I don't think people are open to
ministry from someone they view as conceited. I try very hard not to
consider my life to be my own, but to be God's to use in ministry to
His people.

Do my B-Greek posts really carry a tone of conceit, or were you just
joking about South Carolina? The latter is fine, and I can laugh
along. But if the former is true, I've got a problem that I need to
deal with. You'll do me a favor by being brutally honest if
necessary, especially if you've heard others refer to me similarly,
and I'll thank you for it.

I consider myself to be a little opinionated, but open to legitimate
correction, and, overall, an unassuming person. If that's not the
portrait that's coming through, then I need to find out whether my
self-perception is wrong, or whether my email language just doesn't
present myself accurately; in either of those cases I would want to
work toward change.



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