Re: "Valley of Humility/Mountains of Conceit"

Date: Sat Nov 16 1996 - 16:31:19 EST

Thank you so very much for that thoughtful and considerate response. I do
hope you can come to live there in Yancey County. I live here in Forsyth
County near Winston-Salem which, too, is a creative community with the NC
School of the Arts in which I share a small work. Our school is unique in
the world and is the host for artists all over the world. Jesse hates the
thought of the place! That brings me to a noble tradition in NC politics
which is nowadays eclipsed by the likes of Jesse. That is the tradition of
Frank Porter Graham, former president of UNC in Chapel Hill, who served in
the Senate for a short while in the fifties but was vilified by the likes of
Jesse. There is a substantial section of the electorate that still remembers
that about our state and one day we will rise again. Thanks again for your
kind and generous response with the hope that you will one day "call North
Carolina home." Kent Outlaw (

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