KJV Translators preface

From: Randy Leedy (RLEEDY@wpo.bju.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 14 1996 - 12:19:36 EST

I posted the following inquiry to the BIBLE list, for whose subject
matter it seemed more appropriate, but it got no response.
(Apparently scholarship is a more important consideration than
subject matter when it comes to questions about theological
literature.) I hope I can be forgiven for a slightly off-topic post;
I'll gladly accept the consequences if for the price I can get an

I recently received an inquiry whether there is currently in print,
in pamphlet form, an edition of the translators preface to the King
James Version, which is entitled "The Translators to the Reader." I
am aware of several Bibles that contain this preface, but I do not
know of any publishers currently printing it as a separate item (I do
have a 1982 pamphlet, but I have not yet been able to reach the
publisher.) I would appreciate any leads on this question. Thanks.

Randy Leedy

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