Greek meeting at SBL and CD-ROM prototype

From: Bill Mounce (
Date: Mon Nov 18 1996 - 16:16:18 EST

To all,

On Sunday, November 24, from 11:45 to 12:45, Zondervan Publishing House is
hosting a section on Resources for Teaching First and Second Year Greek.
It will be held in the New Orleans Marriot, In Balconies I and J meetings

Dan Wallace and I will be there. I will also have the prototype of my
CD-ROM program for helping teachers teach Greek and will be glad to show it
to you. Its first stage emphasizes mnemonic devices for memorizing
vocabulary, interactive parsings, and also additional parsing. (For
example, go find all the forms of the words learned in chapters 10-12 where
the inflected form occurs at least three times in the NT, mix them up, and
let me practice parsing them.)

Steve Camp the singer is even writing original music to help students
memorize vocabulary. By the way, if you are at ETS Steve will also be there
with me on Thursday and Friday (morning). He'd love to meet you.

See ya there.

Bill Mounce
Teknia Software, Inc.


"It may be Greek to you, but it is life to me."

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