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>Subject: SGML '96, TEI, and Greek texts
>I'm at SGML '96 right now, and I've been talking with lots of people about
>TEI encoding of texts. There are some Greek texts which have been TEI
>encoded through the ENTMP project, Fred Danker uses SGML to edit the BAGD,
>and I know that SIL uses SGML quite a bit.
>Are any B-Greeks at SGML '96? I'd be interested in meeting you. Is anybody
>out there doing work with Greek and SGML, with or without the TEI DTD?


Last year at the SBL Lexicography Consultation we began discussing the
use of SGML (as well as other standards) for the publication of biblical
and related materials. Peter Burton, Kirk Lowry, Dick Whitaker,,
are the ones steering this effort. There is a new standards group which
is (tentatively) supposed to meet this year to move this work forward;
I received a note from Patrick Durusau about it about a month ago. I
believe all of them are on the AIBI-L list and they can give you the
specifics (but remember that many are already on route to the ETS
meeting, or just about to leave for SBL, so that may not be able to
reply for a while).


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