Church Fathers on LOGOS

Date: Fri Nov 22 1996 - 01:01:43 EST

After recent post about availability of Early CHurch Fathers
on LOGOS RESEARCH LLS format, I emailed LOGOS so check it
out. I am a dealer for LOGOS and sell its products at 40%
discount from retail [as a ministry and to make it available
to my Greek students cheaply].

Received response that I can forward to any B-GREEK members
who want the info.

I have also just purchased the SAGE CD with Church Fathers
so will be able to check it out to compare with LOGOS
version when I get home [I am now at ETS meeting in
Mississippi] and will be able to give evaluation.

Respond to me directly at <>

Paul Lorenzen, CCIM, CPM, CSM -- email:
Off: (702) 852-4700 Fax: (702) 852-2104 home (702) 626-3835

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