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From: Paul F. Evans (
Date: Thu Nov 21 1996 - 18:02:21 EST


This means that "semantic domain" is much broader than I had understood.
How does one determine the limits of what fits into a given semantic
domain. Your comment about Danker's satisfaction leads me to suspect that
it can be, in part at least, somewhat subjective.

I am currently enrolled in a course with Columbia International University
dealing with biblical hermenuetics. We are covering the range of meanings
a given word may have. It has astounded me to be reminded of flexibility
with which words are used, and it appears to me that context is the great
determiner. However, one man's opinion often varies so widely from
another, that we lesser mortals are left grasping for something a little
firmer to lay our exegesis on!

Do liguists in general, and NT Greek scholars in particular follow any set
rules or recognisable guidelines in determining the specific meaning of a
word in a particular context, or is that too much to ask!

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