Acts 2:46: AFELOTH

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu Nov 21 1996 - 05:35:26 EST

I was intrigued by the word AFELOTHTI in Acts 2:46:

Acts 2:46 (GNT) kaq hmeran te proskarterountes omoqumadon en tw ierw,
klwntes te kat oikon arton, metelambanon trofhs en agalliasei kai afelothti

The UBS Greek dictionary translates this as simplicity or humility, hence
"simplicity of heart" or "humility of heart". That sounded like a pregnant
phrase, so I started trying to examine the word AFEOTHTI. However, when I
looked it up on the LSJ at Perseus, it didn't have much to say:

a)felo/thj , htoj , h( , simplicity, unworldliness, Act.Ap.2.46, Vett. 240.15.

I assume that this means that this word occurs only once, in Acts 2.46? If
so, what clues do we have to the meaning of this word? What is the
morphology of the word? I get as far as A-FELOTH, but I can't find anything
useful in LSJ under FELOTH or even FELO with partial match.

Any hints?


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