hOTI in the beattitudes

From: KULIKOVSKY, Andrew (
Date: Thu Nov 21 1996 - 21:20:44 EST

Fellow Greeks,

I don't understand the sense of hOTI in the beattitudes (Matt 5:3-12).
hOTI is a 'marker of cause or reason based on an evident fact'
- Louw & Nida in sect. 89.33

Now if this is the case, what is the casue or reason in the

The way it is worded it sounds like the meek are blessed by God
(have His approval and favour) because they will inherit the

Isn't it the other way round? The meek will inherit the earth
BECAUSE they are blessed by God.

Am I understanding this right? With hOTI which phrase is the
cause of the other???

Big Greeks, HELP!


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