Re: hOTI in the beattitudes

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Date: Fri Nov 22 1996 - 09:34:06 EST


>The hOTI clause--at least when hOTI = "because, for the reason
>that"--always explains the preceding assertion; semantically it is
>equivalent to a postpositive GAR in the clause that indicates the clause
>explains the previous one.

I have just read your above post and its 9:21am here
and I am not a morning person. Maybe I'm just thick
but I don't really understand what your saying.

Which clause explains which clause and HOW does
it explain it?

I thought that 2 clauses, A and B, separated by
hOTI like the following:


meant that B is the reason for A.

Now this is the construction found in the beattitudes.
What I am confused about is that the A clauses in
the beattitudes appear to be the cause of the B
clauses ie. the sense is the other way around.

So my question is:
Do people inherit the earth because they are meek
which is what one would expect
Are people meek because they inherit the earth
which is what the hOTI suggests???


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