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From: Phil (plong@e2.empirenet.com)
Date: Fri Nov 22 1996 - 22:43:18 EST

>>Logos has just come out with a CD that contains the writings of the
>>fathers, and will be releasing updates that include progressivly more
>>As I understand it, this particular CD not only includes the writings,
but also
>>the footnotes and other references. This CD works with the Logos Bible
>software package. Their URL is www.logos.com

>Does the CD contain the Greek text or only the English text?

Just the english, it is the Father's set that Eerdman's published for
years. BTW, if the $250 price tag at Logos is too much, try Sage Software,
they have a disc that contains all three series (Ante- Nicean, and Post-).
Also you get the works of Wesely, some Calvin, Luther, and a ton of other
historical material. Only $69.95, totally unlocked, nothing more to buy,
etc. I got mine a few weeks ago, well worth the small amount of money.

Only quibble, they documents are PDF files, so you have to use Adobe
Acrobat, and the search engine isn't as robust as Logos. Logos says that
they have cleaned up the text, meaning that they proofread it, I do not
know that Sage spent as much time on that. (I've only found one typo in
Sage, three in Logos, but I have used Logos level 3 alot more.)


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