Re: Luke 2:14: en uyistois qew, en anqrwpois eudokias

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Nov 22 1996 - 10:30:12 EST

At 11:46 AM 11/21/96 -0500, Randy Leedy wrote:
>QEWi, on the other hand, is dative, not because of the EN, but
>because of its own function in relation to the kernal "Glory (be)."
>(It's not "Glory be IN God," but "Glory be TO God.") I would be
>interested to hear some comments on how this dative should be
>construed: is it possessive, ethical, advantage, or something else
>that I can't think of? Unfortunately, I'm away from my grammars at
>the moment.

Isn't God just the indirect object? Glory be to God is just another way of
saying *give* glory to God, but the subject is omitted. I don't see any
reason to get fancier than that.


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