Re: Third Aorist - an example

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Nov 28 1996 - 08:47:56 EST

At 12:35 AM -0600 11/28/96, wrote:
>My friend Chris has an example of a 3rd Aorist. I was wondering if anyone
>had any comments regarding this, esp. Carl since he dealt with this already
>and is somewhat familiar with Chris's concerns. Please include me in the
>return or CC since I am not on the regular subscription list at this time.
> Thanks,
>Jim McGuire
>Chris writes:
><< I have an example of the 3rd aorist, if you are interested. Gen 43:2.
> priasthe is 2nd pl, 3 aor middle imperative of oneomai (at least according
>to my prof, and his correction on my final :-( >>

I'm at home with fewer resources ready to hand, but I'm inclined to think
that this is really just a present middle 2 pl. imperative of
PRIAMAI,"buy." Of course I'd really rather call it "reflexive," equivalent
to Fr. "s'acheter."

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