Re: Software for Biblical Studies

From: M. Palmer (
Date: Wed Nov 27 1996 - 10:09:13 EST

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, Jonathan Robie wrote:

> On the Mac, I'm completely blown away by Accordance.

Dito. At the SBL meeting in New Orleans this past weekend I bought the
upgrade. Apparently Apple has identified this as a power application
(i.e. people are buying MacIntosh computers to be able to run this piece
of software!). It will do everything but cook your breakfast. ;-)
Seriously, it is a very powerful application which can do extremely
sophisticated searches quickly. The new CD contains a hypertext version
of the Louw & Nida lexicon and a copy (Greek and English) of Aland's
Gospel Parallels. You do NOT need a CD drive to be able to run the
software, but the CD does provide some nice extras.

Micheal Palmer

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