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Date: Sat Nov 30 1996 - 16:48:23 EST


At 03:50 PM 11/30/96 EDT, Gregory Bloomquist 3027 wrote:
> I simply started with what was on the screen when I got to the
> booth, namely, Heb. 5.11. I noted the POLUS HMIN construction, and
> asked for POLUS (and forms) with other datives (pronouns, nouns, and
> adjectives). (I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that even though HMIN
> might not be directly related to POLUS -- this question, I would
> assume, remains to be decided -- a search WOULD at least give me
> proximity, IN CASE I wanted to explore the possibility.)
> The search result was interesting: out of about 27 "hits", only two
> or three -- I can't remember specifically -- were datives. The rest
> were genitives, nominatives, etc.

Not to blow the horn too stridently, but...

I just performed the same search on the GNT using Bible Windows, allowing
for four words between POLUS and the dative form (any dative form). In less
than a minute it found 97 occurrences, one of which was the Heb. 5:11
phrase. Of course, many were prepositional phrases...

The search was a simple matter of point-and-click to set up. It's even
possible to highlight a phrase in the text and ask BW to search for
analogous constructions.

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