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From: David L. Moore (
Date: Sat Nov 30 1996 - 19:40:38 EST

At 05:23 PM 11/30/96 EDT, Gregory Bloomquist 3027 wrote:
>> I just performed the same search on the GNT using Bible Windows, allowing
>> for four words between POLUS and the dative form (any dative form). In less
>> than a minute it found 97 occurrences, one of which was the Heb. 5:11
>> phrase. Of course, many were prepositional phrases...
>Thanks, Paul, for that confirmation. While the Gramcord didn't take
>that long to pull up the hits, BW found at least 70 more than
>Again, please be careful with my assessment. It was a rapid query,
>and it was formulated on the spot. But, then again, it should have
>been able to replicate Paul's findings; it didn't.

        I set up the search that Gregory specified (POLUS with a dative
pronoun or noun or adjective within 4 words) on Gramcord for Windows. I had
to make it a 3-template search. It came up with 68 verses, including Heb.
5:11. I haven't checked to see if some of the verses include more than one
of the constructions.

        I would be interested to see a list of Paul's results to compare
them with mine.

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