1 Pet. 4:6's Purpose Clause

From: JohnBARACH@aol.com
Date: Fri Nov 29 1996 - 22:31:35 EST

I've been looking in my Greek grammars and in some commentaries, but can't
find a satisfactory answer. The only commentary I found that even attempted
some explanation was S. Greijdanus's Dutch commentary. . . .

Some translations of 1 Peter 4:6's purpose clause read something like this:
"in order that they might be judged like men in the flesh but might live like
God in the spirit." (Any better explanations of _kata_ here would also be
appreciated.) Others, however, add the word "though," making the first part
of this phrase into a concessive clause: "in order that, though they are
judged ..., they might live ..."

Why the "though"? Is that first part concessive?

I notice that the purpose clause involves a _men_ . . . _de_ . . .
construction. Does that imply that the first item is concessive? What is
the function of a _hina_ clause with a _men_ . . . _de_ . . . construction?

Just passed my seminary Greek comprehensives,
But still being humbled by my ignorance of Greek,

John Barach
Mid-America Reformed Seminary

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