Re: platforms for Biblical Studies

From: Tim McLay (
Date: Sun Dec 01 1996 - 21:36:31 EST

>I have been using BW in a more primitive form, I'm afraid, in our
>library and have been somewhat less than impressed. (So, too, with a
>primitive form of the TLG Workstation.) I am, however, impressed to
>hear of your pleasure with it. John Baima suggested we give the new
>version of BW and TLG Workstation a try. Do others confirm Paul's
>appreciation of the Silver Mountain products?

Personally, I switched from Gramcord four years ago to LBASE (Silver
Mountain's product for Dos) because the DOS format of Gramcord was so
unwieldy in comparison and LBASE had so many more features. BW then came
out with the program for Windows, and has been far ahead of Gramcord as far
as being able to use the LXX and MT. I am more than satisfied.
Tim McLay

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